Kitten Care

So you have a new Siberian kitten or you are thinking of purchasing a Siberian kitten and you want to provide the best care possible.  The kitten care guide below is a good start on what to feed, the type of litter to use, the overall health of the Siberian cat breed, poisonous plants, cat products and more.


This is a vital part of your Siberian kitten’s healthy start and maintaining his/hers health throughout adulthood.  Foods can actually cause higher or lower allergen levels and a high quality food can prevent many health issues like FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) that can kill your kitten/cat.

Royal Canin BabyCat 34Cartier Siberians feeds the baby Siberian kittens (0-4 months of age) Royal Canin BabyCat 34 and Royal Canin BabyCat Instinctive.   We also feed Siberian kittens (4-12 months of age) Royal Canin Kitten 36 and Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive .  Our Siberian cats (1-10 years)  are fed Royal Canin Indoor Adult 27 and our Siberian females when nursing or pregnant are fed Royal Canin Feline Queen.

Please note that there are many great cats foods out there including some raw foods like Blue Ridge Beef.  At times we do feed raw food as part of our Siberian cat and kittens diet.  Blue Ridge Beef is not available in our area so the kitten beef is not part of our daily routine.

Kitten buyers please note: If you purchase a kitten or a cat from Cartier Siberians please be sure to ask us how to change your kittens diet to the new food prior to changing his/her diet.  You can make your cat/kitten sick by changing the diet too quickly.  In addition, please do NOT give your cat/kitten people food.  Some foods are poisonous to kittens/cats and may cause anemia or even death.

Litter Health

World's Best Cat Litter Extra StrengthCartier Siberians chooses to use World’s Best Cat Litter for our Siberian kittens and cats.  It is made from whole-kernel corn without added chemicals of perfumes.  It is clumpable, scoopable and flushable.

Since it is made from all natural whole-kernel corn it is safe for cats and kittens of all ages without worry of ingestion, dust or allergy problems.

Kitten buyers please note:  If you purchase a kitten or cat from Cartier Siberians please be sure to ask us how to change your kittens litter to the new litter prior to bringing your kitten home and introducing the new litter.  Your cat or kitten may use the bathroom outside of the litter box if he/she is not used to the litter.

Kitten Health

Viruses, parasites, heart and kidney problems are the biggest health issues with kittens and catsKittens are very susceptible to viruses; therefore, it is imperative that you continue your kittens vaccinations.  Cartier Siberians begins immunization at eight weeks of age and recommends kittens shot records be given to your Veterinarian so he/she may continue and recommend your kittens immunization schedule.

Cartier Siberians chooses cats for our breeding program that have no known risk for PKD (kidney disease) or HCM (heart disease).  We also test for FeLV/FIV and in addition we test our adult cats for their Fel d1 allergen levels.

Kitten buyers please note:  If you purchase a kitten or cat from Cartier Siberians you MUST be sure to TAKE YOUR CERTIFICATE OF VETERINARIAN INSPECTION that we provide you TO YOUR FIRST VET VISIT and within 72 hours per our Kitten Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee.  This is very important for the health of your kitten and your kittens health guarantee.

Your kitten will have received the first two core vaccinations which is known as FVRCP booster.  Your kitten will need a Rabies vaccination at the age of sixteen weeks and from a year from that date and yearly thereafter you should schedule Rabies and an FVRCP booster.  Other vaccinations you should discuss with your vet and let him/her know what other pets or environment your kitten is or will be exposed.  You will have specific vaccination instructions in your contract to help you remember what your kitten or cat will require and what is absolutely prohibited.

Poisonous Plants

Houseplants can be deadly to a kitten or a cat.  Be sure to check out which plants are poisonous to kittens and cats!  For the list of poisonous plants, go to the CFA Article for Poisonous Plants.

Please note: Kittens love to chew on things.  Not only plants but cords or anything else that they can find.  If you believe your kitten has eaten or swallowed something and becomes less active you MUST take your kitten in immediately and provide any known information you can give your vet.  Foreign objects even those that are not poisonous can cause blockage and if not treated or eliminated naturally or by surgery may cause an infection and even kill your kitten/cat.  Please be sure you know your kittens normal behavior and normal bathroom habits.  A kitten with diarrhea past 24 hours is susceptible to dehydration which may lead to organ failure and even death.  This is not to posted to scare you, but to make you aware that small kittens must be watched. They are so small when they first go home that their little bodies and organs can not handle poison, etc.  Kitten proof your home!

Cat Products

Cat products – There are a lot of fabulous cat products and toys available and we, Cartier Siberians, have found several favorites that our Siberian kittens and cats love.  If you are wondering where we purchased some of the items you see in the Cartier Siberian cat pictures, go to our post on Siberian Kittens Love to Play page.

Additional Links for Kitten Care and Cat Health

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