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Cartier Siberian Cats offers beautiful, well-adjusted Siberian kittens for sale in many Siberian kitten colors.

We choose and breed our cats to meet the Siberian Cat Breed standard including health, temperament, type and the hypoallergenic quality the Siberian Cat is known for.  Cartier Siberians does not advertise on any other website and several other breeders have changed their website to look like ours. As flattering as it is, please do not be fooled! Even with my watermark right over all my photos, I have seen them used on other websites as available for purchase.  We will respond to you with the following emails only:  dainah [at] icloud.com, dainahrico [at] gmail.com.  This page was last updated on June 29, 2015 at 6:45 pm.

Available Siberian Kittens – What’s Included with a Cartier Siberian Kitten

Litter C44

Silver Classic Male #1

Silver Classic Male #1

AnaBella Anuva Romeovna Silver Star aka Fayina x Charodey Roman of Cartier (Now retired! These are his last kittens!!!)
Date of Birth: May 3, 2015

  1. Brown Mackerel Male #1- Available 
  2. Silver Classic Male – Reserved
  3. Silver Classic Male #1 – Available 
  4. Brown Mackerel Male – Reserved
  5. Silver Mackerel Female – Reserved

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Please READ the What’s Included with a Cartier Siberian Kitten page before Contacting Us for pricing if you are interested in purchasing a Siberian kitten.

Want to know more about Cartier Siberian Cats and Kittens? Go to the About Us page  or go to the Cartier Siberians Photo Gallery to see photos of our previous Siberian kittens and our Siberian cats. Please note: Our prices are not located anywhere on our website.  Please take time to read about Our SiberiansWhat’s Included with a Cartier Siberian Kitten and then Contact Us for pricing.  Shipping is available to the United States via courier.  She charges a flat rate of $350 cash upon delivery and the kitten remains with her in the cabin of the airline.

Torbie Siberian Kitten from Cartier Siberians who now lives in California (Photo by her owner, Rudayna, pictured left and yes, that is who you think it is holding the kitten!)

Torbie Siberian Kitten from Cartier Siberians who now lives in California (Photo by her owner, Rudayna, pictured left and yes, that is Betty White holding the kitten!)

Want to know how to Purchase a Cartier Siberian Kitten? To purchase a Cartier Siberian Kitten please read the Purchase Info page then complete the Siberian Kitten Request Form.

Payments – We accept personal checks, business checks, cashiers checks, money orders, cash, Bank of America transfer (we are verified) and Google Wallet (we are verified).  Please note: Buyer is responsible for any fees.

The Truth About the Siberian Cat and the Hypo-allergenic Quality The Siberian cat breed is listed as one of the Top Ten Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for people with allergies and it is true! Siberian cats and kittens generally have a lower Feld1, the protein found in cat saliva, allergen level than other cat breeds; however, some people with cat allergies may still have a reaction to a Siberian cat or kitten. If you or a family member is allergic to cats we suggest you visit our Siberian cats before you purchase a Siberian kitten. If you are unable to schedule an allergy visit with Cartier Siberians or another Siberian cat breeder, please read our Cancellation/Refund policy prior to purchasing a Cartier Siberian kitten. Our intent is to place a companion animal in your home that will bring you years of enjoyment so we want to ensure our Siberian kitten is a perfect match for your family!

Our cattery name is registered with CFA and TICA and licensed with the state of Georgia

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