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Cartier Siberian Cats offers beautiful, well-adjusted Siberian kittens for sale in many Siberian kitten colors including blue, red, cream, black tortie, blue tortie, black, silver, smoke and many patterns including mitted, shaded, blotched tabby, mackerel tabby, spotted tabby, ticked tabby, and occasionally pointed Siberian kittens with blue eyes although these are rare as we breed for traditional colors. We choose and breed our Siberian cats to meet the Siberian Cat Breed Standard including health, temperament, type and the hypoallergenic quality the Siberian Cat is known for.

TICA Member of Online BreedersCartier Siberians is a Registered Cattery with TICA and participates in the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program and have been awarded the TICA Outstanding Cattery Certificate. In addition, we have signed the TICA Code of Ethics and are licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Available Siberian Kittens

Starry Knight x Red Moon Knight welcomed two Siberian kittens on Friday, August 28, 2015. This is Litter C45 and the kittens are on hold for the wait list.

We are also expecting kittens to be born on September 15, 2015!  Want to know who’s expecting? Read more HERE >> Breeding Plans


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*Pending Reservation – Kittens are held 72 hours to allow time for the payment and signed agreement to arrive. If the payment and contract does not arrive the kitten will be available for purchase.
*Reserved – Kittens are paid in full.

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